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Are You Engaging In The Single Most Effective Strategy To Get Almost Unlimited Amounts Of Traffic To Your Website? …And It’s Got Nothing To Do With Google.

If you’re simply trying your hand at search engine optimization and buy into the mantra that “the best kind of traffic is free traffic”, your marketing strategy is well and truly one-dimensional. Similarly, if PPC is your thing, you might face the same accusations.

If you’re combining SEO with PPC your marketing efforts are better than most BUT the harsh reality is that they are at best two-dimensional.

To deliver truly three dimensional marketing time after time, you need the most sophisticated, intelligent and easiest advertising technique on the planet that doesn’t rely on Google. That’s what’s at stake here and you maybe need the full story to understand its full importance… It’s time to join the work smart elite.

Are You Still Using These Old Traffic Getting Secrets?

  • Writing articles
  • Posting to free classifieds
  • Using Social Media
  • Using Safelists
  • Trying to get a top-10 search engine rank

And that’s to name just a few.  Chances are you’re sick and tired of SEO. Search engine optimization is time consuming and labour intensive. Too often it ends up occupying much of your thoughts and doesn’t let you focus on honing your core product offerings. Sure you can outsource your SEO efforts but how can you ensure that your site and business doesn’t engage in black hat techniques that could get you banned from Google? The fear is always there.

More to the point, do you really appreciate the metrics of SEO? Achieving the “holy grail” of a number 1 ranking is not all it’s cracked up to be. The truth of the matter is that your traffic is always limited by the number of searches taking place for that phrase. The best (and when I say best I mean the very best) SEO guys can usually only deliver in the region of 2,000 visitors a day. It’s good traffic but you won’t make the really big dollars.

Paid traffic is a completely different ballgame offering you a limitless supply of traffic. But you shouldn’t make the mistake made by so many marketers of limiting their paid search efforts to PPC. You don’t have to play the paid search game on Google’s unfavourable terms. Limitless traffic is available at a reasonable price and the rewards to be reaped are massive.

For the best paid search practitioners in the business, realistic traffic targets are in the region of a million visitors per hour. That’s more traffic than you can fathom. But imagine if you could apply the same principles that the best search professionals use to give your company or website realistic and quite conservative traffic estimates of 10,000 visitors per day or week.

Some huge benefits of today’s paid-traffic sources are:

  • Low start up costs of just a few hundred dollars.
  • A huge and growing pool of reliable advertising sources.
  • Fewer restrictions on ads, landing-pages, and content.
  • Re-target customers who click on ads or visit your site, resulting in higherconversions.
  • Track all ads and calculate ROIs down to the penny.
  • Track all ads and calculate ROIs down to the penny.
  • Scale up profitably until your only limitation is ROI and your bandwidth (you may need to get your own server or sign up for high-volume Web hosting).
  • Move towards a performance basis, where you pay absolutely nothing for ads until after sales are made.

And there’s plenty more… But how do you take advantage of all of these benefits?
Introducing Traffic Evolution…

Your Crash Course In Paid Search That Systematically Teaches You How To Implement The Single Most Effective Marketing Strategy For Limitless Amounts Of High Quality Traffic.

Alongside unlocking the ultimate sources of paid traffic you’ll also learn how to:

  1. Use targeted banner and display ads to generate hyper-responsive traffic for30% – 75% less than Google PPC ads.
  2. Target specific competitors and niches with dirt-cheap (but responsive) CPV traffic that’s less than two-cents a click!
  3. Buy “mass traffic” that’s not only legitimate, but actually converts into opt-ins and sales.
  4. Tap into the world of real million-dollar online marketing, and break free from the amateur-hour antics of the hobbyists and “D-Level” discussion board posters who constantly pitch their “free-traffic” nonsense.
  5. Analyze each ad cost down to the penny with free and low-cost tracking tools that are easy to implement.
  6. Scale up, and use our exclusive ad rollout formula to start small and grow your sales, and your profits, at the same time.
  7. And much, much more

And the best part? You can buy Traffic Evolution for an absurdly low price of $197, a cost you’ll recuperate in a split second once you start your truly three dimensional supercharged marketing campaign.

Can it get any better than this? The answer is yes. Here’s two bonus I’m proud to give you when you purchase through  my link…

Bonus #1
A free exclusive hour long skype conversation I had with Jonathan Mizel – the brains behind Traffic Evolution.

Bonus #2
A rare opportunity to experience a 30 minute Skype consultation with myself where you can ask me anything you like to improve your online business (please Google my name “David Jenyns” or alternatively check out my bio here to see I’m no online chump).

To take me up on this generous offer – this is what you need to do:

  1. Just click here and buy Traffic Evolution for the absurbly low price of $197
  2. Email me your receipt
  3. I’ll send you a link to the hour long Skype chat with Jonathan Mizel (the brains behind Traffic Evolution) and we’ll book in a time for your 30 minute bonus consultation.
  4. See how 2010 becomes the most exciting year of your life.

Still not 100% sure?

Check out one of Jonathan Mizel’s presentations below…

Some interviews with Jonathan.

Click here to Download Jonathan Mizel’s Audio Interview in Orlando

Click here to Download Jonathan Mizel’s Audio Interview in San Francisco

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  1. Miller Rhodes August 25, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    Jonathan, I heard you on a MLM Traffic Formula 2 and would really like to visit with you for a few minutes about your systems..I’m a google exile and know there is a better way

  2. Michael Young December 20, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    Trying to reach Jonathan.

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